Annual Report

As per the Libraries Regulation, legislated by the Public Libraries Services Branch (PLSB) of Alberta Municipal Affairs, Section 11 (AR 141/98; 172/2007), "A community board shall annually complete and file with the Minister a report in a form and containing the information required by the Minister.”

Annual Survey and Report Information

The 2015 Public Library Survey and 2014 Annual Report of Public Libraries in Alberta and the 2015 Application for Financial Assistance are now available. The deadline to submit your annual report is February 28, 2015. Please be sure to get your documentation in on time. Failure to do so will result in significant delays in the processing of your library board's grant application.

If you have any questions, have not received your LibPAS username/password or require any assistance at all, please contact a Client Services Librarian or Ken Feser, PLSB, at 780-415-0296 or

To un-gray the fields where you enter your responses, choose Library and Location again from the drop-down menu at the top of the LibPAS form.

For more information, see the LibPAS FAQs.