Offline Circulation

If the power goes out or we're upgrading Polaris, you can still circulate materials. Just use the offline circulation form. This is a Google spreadsheet, simply download it by clicking the download (down arrow) icon. In cases where you know you won't be able to use Polaris in advance, be sure to download the file, install the fonts and test ahead of time.

How to install fonts on Windows 7

1. Download (Save) Font 1 and Font 2 to C:\temp on your local computer.

2. Go Start > Computer > Double-click on C:\ (Local Computer). Double-click on Temp folder. Your fonts should be in that folder.

3. Right-click on Font 1. Select "Install." Wait. Repeat this step for Font 2.

4. Go to Start > Control Panel > Fonts and ensure that both Codabar fonts are installed.

5. Test by using your Offline Circ document.