Volume Control Manual

Volume control -- adding data in the volume field of an item record -- gives patrons the ability to place hold requests on a single issue of a magazine, single volume of a multi-part book or a single disc of a multi-part audiovisual item through TRACpac. It also allows staff to place similar requests in the staff client.

If there are multiple volumes attached to one bibliographic record, you will need to add information in the volume field. However, if an item is part of a series and each title has its own bibliographic record, volume control is not required.

YRL makes it easy to understand when and when not to use volume control. Bookmark or download the Volume Control Manual to have the comprehensive guide to refer to. It is carefully organized by item type and visually shows you what information to use.

If you have any questions about volume control or want to request item record training, contact a Client Services Librarian.