Polaris Resources and Training

Looking for information on webinars? See what we have scheduled for upcoming online training.

Here are handy training documents for Polaris. They are organized to reflect the toolbar in Polaris.

Topics include: creating an item record, creating a record set, making bulk changes and withdrawing items using bulk change.

Topics include: check out, check in, interlibrary loans, uncatalogued items and processing hold requests.

Patron Services
Topics include: creating a patron record, associations, notes.


Other resources:

Volume Control Manual
Detailed information on when to add volume field data to item records.

Offline Circulation
All the resources required to track circulation when working offline.

Information on creating reports using Simply Reports.

Useful Polaris Reports
Highlights the reports you should be running daily, weekly and monthly -- as well as some interesting ones that will help you run your library.

Information on telephone and email notification.

Patron Registration eLearning Course

This 30 minute eLearning course goes through the best practices as well as how to register a new patron at your library in Polaris.  To sign up please contact someone in Client Services.