Library Development Services


Library Development Services provides professional support, advice and solutions in the areas of:

  • Library manager onboarding
  • Library staff training
  • Library programming
  • Library collections
  • Library operations, planning, policies and guidelines
  • School library services

Explore the sections on this page to learn more. Get in touch with us for any of our services.

Library Manager Onboarding

Library Development Services offers onboarding for all new member library managers. A combination of online learning and in-person meetings ensures new managers are confident with both YRL tools and services as well as library operations.  If you are a new manager or a board member who is hiring a new manager, please get in touch to begin manager onboarding.

Library Staff Training

Libraries require knowledgeable and capable staff to confidently provide services. We offer resources and flexible training options to encourage learning and development.

Self-Paced Library Staff Training
Workshops and Webinars
Polaris library software
General staff training
eResources training and promotion

Library Collections

Library Development Services Librarians offer collection development support in the areas of purchasing, inventory, deselection and display.  Please get in touch or view our collection development learning resources for more information. 

Library Programs

Library Development Services supports member library programs with administrative support for provincial and national programs, the development and delivery of program kits and training to support member library program development.

Programming Kits
TD Summer Reading Club
ME Libraries
Services for Print Disabled (CELA / NNELS)
Programming Training

Library Operations, Planning, Policies and Guidelines

Library Development Services offers support and consultation in the areas of library management, including library operations, planning and policies.  Please get in touch for more information.

School Library Services

From ordering and acquisitions to kits and consulting, discover services we offer to member school libraries.


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