Storytime Kits

Storytime Kits are thematic "programs in a box" and are available to both schools and public member libraries to supplement member library programming resources. Each Storytime Kit includes picture books, puppets, props, games, programming resources, craft ideas, music and other material.

Borrowing Procedures

Storytime kits may be borrowed for up to one month by school or public libraries. There is a limit of one Storytime Kit per library per month. Due to popularity, they may be requested up to six months in advance. 

    1. To request a kit, fill out our Kit Booking Request Form, or reach out to us at Include in your email any specific dates or timelines (e.g., need it for one weekend; two week loan) and we will do our best to accommodate.

    2. When you receive a Storytime Kit, review the content sheet to check everything is inside. Handle the contents with clean hands and avoid using around food or drink. All items in the kit are for local use only. Do not loan any materials to patrons.
    3. When it's time to return the Storytime Kit:
      • Be sure to return it when it is due. Late returns result in delays for other libraries.
      • Repack the kit using the contents list to ensure all the pieces are returned. Place puppets back into the plastic bags and sort books by author.
      • Report any damage to the puppets or books immediately to YRL.