Polaris Training

Whether you're a new employee or wanting to learn something new, choose from the following options for help:

On demand

If you want one-on-one training in Polaris either virtually or in-person, fill out our training request form.

Self-paced courses

We have built custom online courses for YRL member libraries. You will have to create a free account with Niche Academy to access these.

Item Record Training 1: Adding or Modifying Item Records
Successful completion of the Item Record Training courses is required to receive permissions to add item records in Polaris -- and yes, there is a test!

Item Record Training 2: Volume Control
When adding certain books, DVDs/Blu-rays and magazines, volume control may be necessary in order for the patron to be able to request the correct item. In this course, you will learn the conditions where volume control is required and how to enter it correctly.

Patron Registration
Perfect for new staff members, this course should only take about 30 minutes to complete. By the end, you'll know how to search for patrons, create new patron records and understand what you should ask for.


When you need to brush up on the basics or want to print off instructions to have at hand, our Polaris guides provide you with the steps you need.

Learn how to create item records, record sets and perform bulk changes.

All the information you need to get started with check out, check in, handle ILLs and uncatalogued items, and process hold requests.

Patron Services
Learn about the patron record workform and how to add new patrons.

Useful Polaris Reports
We break down the reports that you should be running daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

SimplyReports Depository
Intimidated by SimplyReports? Don't be! We make it even more simple with step-by-step instructions for frequently asked reports.


Subscribe to our YouTube channel to access recorded webinars, training videos and playlists.

SimplyReports series
Get familiar with this powerful reporting tool, go through the useful reports to run at your library and watch a tutorial on how to use pivot tables in Excel to manipulate the data.

Polaris series: Notifications
Learn the basics about Polaris notifications and troubleshooting, then stick around for a deep dive about the background settings that make it all work.

Getting Started with Polaris Leap
Unchain yourself from the desk using Leap.