Van Delivery Guidelines

YRL vans travel thousands of kilometers delivering hundreds of thousands of items. You are integral to keep everything running smoothly.

  • Know your delivery day. While this will rarely change, delivery calendars are available if you are unsure.
  • Contact YRL at if you have any upcoming library closures so the delivery can be postponed.
  • Contact YRL in advance if you are sending any special equipment that may require extra packaging.
  • If you need supplies, contact

Prepare items for the van run
  • Items being sent on the van run must be packaged in YRL blue bins or similar-size cardboard boxes.
  • Bins should not be filled above fill mark and weights cannot exceed 35 lbs.
  • Intra- and interlibrary loans (ILLs) must have visible labels displaying the library name and region.
  • Audio-visual items being sent to non-YRL libraries should be packaged with adequate protection, e.g. bubble wrap, cardboard mailer with labels on the outside of protective wrapping.

Prepare the pickup/deliver location
  • Bins and boxes may be stacked up to five high for safety, with a 30-inch clearance to ensure easy pickup.
  • If you have more than five bins, create a second stack.
  • Avoid making the driver use stairs wherever possible.
  • Ensure pathway to pickup/delivery zone is clear of furniture, shelving, etc. A minimum of three feet clearance is necessary for drivers to maneuver hand trucks loaded with bins.
  • For the safety of the drivers, ensure van parking and entrance to library’s delivery area is free of snow and ice.
  • If possible, have door stoppers installed so that doors may remain open while driver is delivering to ease access into library location.

When the driver arrives
  • Ensure everything is ready to go ahead of time as drivers have less than 15 minutes for each delivery.
  • Extra blue bins are available upon request, ask the driver for more or contact YRL.

After the driver leaves
  • Empty blue bins as soon as possible and check in all new materials and ILLs.
  • Remove labels on outside of blue bins and place them inside the bin for return to YRL.
  • Get bins ready for the next delivery.