YRL's core technology service is providing access to the integrated library software Polaris and the online catalogue. For those member public libraries on the YRL network, they are eligible for a range of services listed below that augment the base services.

Please read the Information Technology (IT) Services Parameters more detailed information about the services we offer, support we provide, as well as unsupported services, member library responsibilities and user access to the Internet information.

IT Support

YRL's Desktop and Network Administrators provide support for technical issues as well as offer assistance and recommendations for computer applications and hardware purchases and installation. We also liaise with third-party vendors for any local library software or applications that require connection to the network and/or Polaris database.

Network and Wireless Connectivity

YRL will support any network connectivity issue, including Internet connection, connectivity to Polaris and wireless connections. If there is an issue connecting to or using any of these resources, give the Desktop and Network Administrators a call.

Hot Spare and Loan Equipment

Circulation computer kick the bucket? Should your library be unable to function due to an issue with a piece of equipment, we will send you one of ours temporarily to get you back up and running. If your library can still function with the downed piece of equipment, we will do our best to fix the issue or recommend a replacement. The following equipment is available for loan:

    • Laptops
    • Workstations
    • Barcode scanners
    • Printers

First Level Backup and Recovery Services

Safe-guarding your data is a priority for us so we make network drives available for your use. Library staff are encouraged to save all their work to this drive because it is backed up everyday. We retain seven days' worth of backed up data for recovery.

Office 365 Licenses

YRL provides licenses for Office 365 to staff of member libraries on its network. This allows staff to access the entire suite of Office applications, including Outlook, Word, Excel and more. We do not provide licenses for Office applications for public workstations.

Domain and Website Hosting

YRL acquires and renews the domains for member libraries that use our Websites for Libraries platform. In partnership with Parkland Regional Library System, we also manage the hosting of the websites.