Allotment and Acquisitions


YRL provides an allotment fund for each member library to purchase books, audio-visual and other formats through our acquisitions system. Members that buy through YRL get large supplier discounts, free shipping and can order at any time throughout the year.

  • The public library allotment is based on the latest municipal population as determined by Alberta Municipal Affairs and is $0.75 per capita.
  • The school allotment is based on annual enrollment figures reported to Alberta Education and is $1.00 per full time equivalent student. 
  • Unspent allotment funds are rolled over into the next fiscal year. 
  • If allotment funds are spent before year end, member libraries can add directly to their allotment fund or be invoiced directly for new purchases through YRL. 
  • Member libraries get an allotment annual statement and can see their allotment balance by logging into the CCD tool at any time. 

Allotment Reimbursement Form (PDF)


The acquisitions department is responsible for the purchase of materials and resources for member libraries. This includes:

  • Working with vendors to receive discounted consortium pricing for member libraries
  • Arranging standing and regular orders
  • Creating purchase orders
  • Managing any issues with ordering (e.g., returns, replacements, credits)

Once ordered material arrives, it is then processed by staff. This includes:

  • Affixing barcodes
  • Updating invoices and fund accounts
  • Cataloguing and adding items to TRACpac
  • Adding Mylar covers and spine labels
  • Organizing and shipping items to libraries