CyberCat is your guide through the world of cybersecurity. She knows it can be intimidating out there, so that's why it's her mission to educate you about using technology responsibly. Read past issues for helpful information:

CyberCat Says: Updating is Fun... Seriously
Keeping all your computers, devices and software updated is so important to keeping them safe and secure.

CyberCat Says: It's About Your Password
Passwords are the literal keys to online security. Protect yourself and your accounts by following CyberCat's advice.

CyberCat Says: Safety Starts at Home
Whether you're working from home or just surfing the Internet, CyberCat goes over tips to create a cybersecure home.

CyberCat Says: Don't Click That!
Social engineering attacks are on the rise, especially using COVID-19 as bait. Learn what social engineering is, how to identify it and what to do when you encounter it.