Xbox Kits

The Xbox kits are available for use within the library and must be overseen by a library staff member. The kits have been created in order for YRL member libraries to hold programming events in their library (i.e. a gaming night) and are not to be loaned to patrons for home use.

Each kit contains an Xbox 360 gaming console, Kinect sensor, power cord and power supply cord, AV cable, four wireless controllers and an instruction manual. Member libraries can request up to four games.

Requesting an Xbox Kit

Email us your request, indicating which four games you would like. - for public library staff - for school library staff

The kit and games will be signed out to your library account and will be sent on your regularly scheduled van run.

  • Kits can be booked up to one month in advance.

  • Kits are on loan for 21 days.

  • There is a limit of one kit per library per month.

When you receive an Xbox Kit

  • Check in the kit and games.
  • Set up the kit before the event and confirm all parts are working; if a piece is missing or damaged, contact YRL.
  • Ensure that library staff monitors the use of the Xbox to avoid damage or theft.

NOTE: Due to security restrictions, you will not be able to connect to Xbox Live to download games.

Returning an Xbox Kit

  • Please return Xbox Kits when they are due. Late returns result in delivery delays for other libraries.

  • There is a contents list in every kit. Check the list as you repack the kit to ensure you return all the pieces.


Carnival Games: Monkey See, Monkey Do Everyone
Dance Central Teen
Dragon Ball Z for Kinect Teen
FIFA 15 Everyone
Game Party in Motion Everyone
Harry Potter for Kinect Everyone
The Hip Hop Dance Experience Teen
Jeopardy! Everyone
Just Dance 2015 Everyone
Just Dance Kids 2 Everyone
Kinect Adventures! (3 copies) Everyone
Kinect Joy Ride Everyone
Kinect Nat Geo TV: America the Wild Everyone
Kinect Sports (3 copies) Everyone
Kinect Sports: Season Two Everyone
Kinect Star Wars Teen
Kinectimals Everyone
Minecraft (2 copies) Everyone
NBA 2K15 Everyone
Rapala for Kinect Everyone
Wheel of Fortune Everyone
Wipeout: In the Zone Everyone

NOTE: YRL is responsible for normal wear and tear of the Xbox Kits; however, if there is any damage or loss of parts, the borrowing library will be invoiced by YRL for replacement costs.