Annual Report

Annual Report

Each year, library boards are required to fill out the Public Library Survey and Annual Report as part of the annual grant application process for provincial funding. If you require assistance with your library's Annual Report, we are happy to help but the process is fairly straightforward. Here is what you'll need:

  1. 2022 Public Library Survey and 2021 Annual Report–Reference Key (PDF) gives you details as to what each field means and what you should report. 
  2. PLSB's Guide to LibPAS (PDF) provides instructions on using LibPAS to enter the information.
  3. Previous year statistics: YRL supplies some of these for you. You will have recorded the rest throughout the year.
  4. Annual Report - Custom report: This report was run for your library and emailed to the library manager on January 4, 2021. This contains all the information you'll need to answer circulation related fields. Want the details behind what is counted? See the Annual Report - Custom report breakdown.
  5. Decoding the Annual Report - Webinar: This webinar helps break down and explain the information in your Annual Report, and answers some frequently asked questions.

To make your reporting a little easier, YRL will provide library managers with the figures to report on the following sections in LibPAS: Collection Management; Print Items; Non-Print Items; Direct Circulation; Interlibrary Loan; Total Cardholders; Virtual Visits; Public WiFi Sessions. Keep an eye on your inboxes the first week of January.

Other frequently asked questions:

  • Information Services & Use > In Library Material Use > In person visits:
    If you do not use the In House check in mode in Polaris, simply do a weekly count of items and multiply the figure by 50.

    If you use the In House check in mode to check in all items that are used but not checked outs in your library and did not run the In House use report before the end of the year, you can gather the figure in SimplyReports. Run an Item Count Report with the following parameters:
      • Item assigned branch name, Sum prev year inhouse use count
      • Item general filter: Assigned branch > Choose your library