School Library Services

Cataloguing and Processing

If you purchase library materials outside of YRL, you can send your items to us on our van run for processing. YRL will apply spine labels, barcodes and Mylar book jackets and your materials will arrive ready to circulate.

Sending Materials In For Processing
  1. Email to let us know you have materials to process and we will schedule a pickup date.
  2. Place a process-only book flag inside each item being sent to YRL.
  3. Pack items inside a sturdy box.
  4. Have the box waiting for pickup in the school office on the pickup date.
  5. YRL will process materials and schedule a delivery date.
  6. Completed MARC records will be emailed to you so you can load them into your catalogue.

Book Flags

Book flags let YRL staff know how to process the item when it arrives (e.g., fiction or non-fiction). If you need us to send you the template for your book flags, or if you wish to change anything about how your items are processed, please email