YRL provides an allotment fund for each member library to purchase books, audio-visual and other formats through our acquisitions system. Members that buy through YRL get large supplier discounts, free shipping and can order at any time throughout the year.

  • The public library allotment is based on the latest municipal population as determined by Alberta Municipal Affairs and is $0.75 per capita.
  • The school allotment is based on annual enrollment figures reported to Alberta Education and is $1.00 per full time equivalent student. 
  • Unspent allotment funds are rolled over into the next fiscal year. 
  • If allotment funds are spent before year end, member libraries can add directly to their allotment fund or be invoiced directly for new purchases through YRL. 
  • Member libraries get an allotment annual statement and can see their allotment balance by logging into the CCD tool at any time. 

YRL facilitates acquisitions processes for all our member libraries. This includes working with vendors to receive discounted consortium pricing for member libraries, arranging standing orders, and managing any issues with orders.

YRL has an online platform called the Coordinated Collection Development tool to provide easy access to selection lists from all of our vendors.

CCD Access

YRL, as a member of TRAC, manages and maintains the bibliographic integrity of records for all member libraries. Bibliographic records are purchased or created as part of the cataloging processes here at YRL. Cataloging and processing is provided to school and public members at no additional cost, on items ordered locally or through YRL. Processing services includes barcodes, mylar covers (or laminating*), and spine labels.

YRL facilitates the movement of library materials with YRL, TRAC, Alberta and outside of Alberta.

All member public libraries have a weekly scheduled van run by a YRL staff member to pick up and deliver intralibrary loans (from within TRAC), interlibrary loans (from outside of TRAC), new materials, supplies and technology equipment.

YRL Monthly Van Run Schedules

YRL Member Library Codes

TRAC Book Flags

YRL provides member libraries with supplies for processing and circulation needs. Supplies are delivered on your regularly scheduled run.

Contact with the type and quantity needed. Your library will be invoiced directly.




Item barcodes (60/sheet)


Generic TRAC cards


Fragile stickers (by sheet)


TAL Flags (25/bundle)


TAL Cards (25/bundle)


Dymo spine label printer rolls (750/roll)


Mylar covers for spine labels (1,000/roll)


Receipt printer rolls

Prices are subject to change and quantities may be limited.

YRL offers support and consultation in the areas of library management, including library operations, planning and policies. 

The YRL Weekly newsletter helps keep member libraries appraised of updates, opportunities and news from YRL and the library world.

The email is monitored daily during the work week to answer any questions submitted by staff at our member libraries.

YRL is committed to providing the highest quality service to its members and a primary focus is training. In addition to providing in-person training sessions upon request, we take a proactive approach by constantly assessing needs and developing content that is accessible and relevant. If you have any request for training materials or sessions, contact

We provide access to additional training opportunities through the 3rd party resources listed below.

Niche Academy

LinkedIn Learning

Librarian's Guide to Homelessness

Library 2.0

Web Junction

YRL kits contain materials that supplement member libraries’ existing collections or can be used for in-library programming. Browse the kits we offer and submit a booking request on the Intranet.

Intranet Access

YRL compiles monthly data for eResources, websites, WiFi usage and more so libraries can provide meaningful reports to their boards and stakeholders. Staff at YRL also help libraries to create and run customized reports, as well as assist with their annual reports.

YRL provides access to Simply Reports, which member libraries can use to compile their own statistical reports.

Simply Reports Access

Technology Services is here to implement, maintain and support the technologies that are the backbone to YRL and TRAC services, including hardware, library software and websites and cybersecurity.

YRL's core technology service is providing access to the integrated library software Polaris and the online catalogue. For those member public libraries on the YRL network, they are eligible for a range of services listed below that augment the base services.

Please read the Information Technology (IT) Services Parameters for detailed information about the services we offer, support we provide, member library responsibilities and user access.

YRL's Desktop and Network Administrators provide support for technical issues as well as offer assistance and recommendations for computer applications and hardware purchases and installation. We also liaise with third-party vendors for any local library software or applications that require connection to the network and/or Polaris database.

Offline circulation support

YRL will support any network connectivity issue, including Internet connection, connectivity to Polaris and wireless connections. If there is an issue connecting to or using any of these resources, give the Desktop and Network Administrators a call.

Circulation computer kick the bucket? Should your library be unable to function due to an issue with a piece of equipment, we will send you one of ours temporarily to get you back up and running. If your library can still function with the downed piece of equipment, we will do our best to fix the issue or recommend a replacement. The following equipment is available for short-term loan:

  • Laptops
  • Workstations
  • Barcode scanners
  • Printers

Safe-guarding your data is a priority for us so we make network drives available for your use. Library staff are encouraged to save all their work to this drive because it is backed up everyday. We retain seven days' worth of backed up data for recovery.

YRL provides licenses for Office 365 to staff of member libraries on its network. This allows staff to access the entire suite of Office applications, including Outlook, Word, Excel and more. We do not provide licenses for Office applications for public workstations.

YRL acquires and renews the domains for member libraries that use our Websites for Libraries platform. In partnership with Marigold Library System and Peace Library System, we also manage the hosting of the websites.