YRL Learning Lab

The YRL Learning Lab offers space to retreat, think, strategize, and make your good ideas happen!  Whether you need a space for your leadership team to meet, or a space to retreat to for a quiet and uninterrupted day of work, the YRL Learning Lab is for you.

About the Space

The YRL Learning Lab offers:

  • Learning space for up to 10 people
  • Whiteboard, flipchart paper, TV with HDMI connect for a laptop
  • A wall of facilitation tools: 
  • Creativity prompts such as Tinker Toys, LEGO, Modelling Clay, Coloring and Drawing, Crafts Supplies
  • Recording Kit
  • Icebreaker Tools
  • Brainstorming Flashcards
The YRL Learning Lab is Great For...

Team Retreats

  • Bring your leadership team to YRL for a uninterrupted day of planning and discussion

Individual Retreats

  • Use the space for a quiet day of work and reflection

Facilitated Workshops

  • Work with YRL staff to create a customized workshop. We have expertise and training in a number of different facilitation options, including:
  • World Café
  • Critical Incident Group Debriefing
  • The Circle Way
  • Strategic Planning
  • Library Customer Service
  • Library Collection Development
  • Leadership Team Retreats
  • We are also willing to work with you and your team to create a customized workshop. 

Contact askryl@yrl.ab.ca to check availability and to book the YRL Learning Lab. There is no cost to members for use.